Antiparos island


In the centre of the Aegean Sea, in the middle of Cyclades (just five minutes by ferry from Paros) lies Antiparos, a small island with 1,000 inhabitants. An Antiparos enthusiast described once the island as an “adult playground”.

We think she was spot on! A feeling of being relaxed, safe and open gets to you within the first hours of being here. And before you know it you will have mingled with the rest, either locals or visitors; playtime has begun!

Things worth doing: visit the magnificent cave, one of the oldest in Europe, see the well-preserved medieval castle called “Castro”, visit the small museum of ancient Cycladic art and a museum of folk art.

Go to Despotiko, an islet to the west of Antiparos, to see the temple of Apollo, glorious remains of ancient worship. Catch a glimpse of the annual Photography Festival in the beginning of July and don’t forget to watch a movie under the stars in the open air cinema.

Plus, look around and get impressed by the architecture of the habitats varying from traditional Cycladic to award-winning modern villas (for a first-hand experience most of them are available for rent).

Book yourself a daily trip around the island with a fishing boat. Or if you want to do it more fancy and exclusive, rent an inflatable boat to explore the nearby islands

If you feel like getting active: snorkel, dive, windsurf, kite surf, canoe, paddle, water-ski, do all kinds of fun water sports.

Or go trekking; five different paths will get you around the whole island. And if you consider yourself super sporty, participate in one of the numerous athletic events taking place during the summer like the triathlon, the Paros-Antiparos channel crossing etc.

Feeling tired? Relax and take the sun in one of the numerous free beaches (there’s even a certified nudist beach) or in one of the organized ones where you get the full pack of sun beds, umbrellas, beach service and nice music.

Shopping can be a lot of fun too! Boutiques and concept stores to satisfy every taste and budget, from beachwear to jewelry and special souvenirs to unique art exhibited in the island’s art galleries.

By this time you should be getting hungry. Well, be prepared for a culinary experience! Your choices can stretch from traditional Greek taverns to fancy small restaurants with Mediterranean cuisine, even sushi.

Antiparos Square

And when the night approaches, follow the main cobbled street that will lead you to the buzzing main square where everything happens.

A dozen different bars each one with a unique character become full of people of all ages and nationalities with one sole purpose: to rock the night!

This is where our pride and joy cocktail bars and more, Boogaloo and Tabula Rasa, come into play; to make your night out unforgettable. Unique cocktails, fun staff and crazy cool vibes.

Choose the set up that feels best for you: Boogaloo if you want to be in a more private environment but still a breath away from it all, or Tabula Rasa if you want to be in the midst of it all!