Bar Consultancy

Bar Consultancy | Boogaloo

Many people dream of one day owning a bar, yet the reality of starting a new bar business can be very difficult especially if your previous experience of bars is merely drinking in them!

If even experienced bar owners sometimes need a bit of guidance, you can easily imagine the needs of a freshman. For a new bar we can offer an “all inclusive” bar consultancy service; this is everything you need to get the bar ready in line with your vision.

A full bar consultancy service includes conception of a theme or style, design of the bar taking into account logistics of a working bar right up to training staff and getting fully certified bartenders.

If you are opening a cocktail bar, training staff and developing a popular and current menu will give you the edge above competitors.

Bar Consultancy | Boogaloo

Consultancy Services include:

  • Working station design
  • Staff training
  • Menu consultation & design
  • Alcohol / stock control
  • Equipment & product procurement
  • Follow up development
  • Promotional support